He’s not ‘new’ by any means… Sucoo, a local artist whose been grinding for a while now. His alias, ‘lehfside’ because that’s where his lyrics come from… his heart. Revolutionist, by nature, lover of love. Andre Bryan is one of the most lyrically talented people I know. His lyrics speak true to what others feel. His most recent rant of honesty will provide more clarity:

The recipe for the mainstream MC: Its all about the beat and flow so who cares what your talking about. Just rap really fast, throw some “turn ups” in there (unless “swag” is still the fad) some smoking, drinking, be materialistically braggadocios, degrade women(don’t worry they’ll still sing along) don’t forget jewelry(weak minds are attracted to shiny things) oh and you gotta say how real you are because most likely you’re gunna be lying in you’re rhymes but its ok we don’t care we want entertainment not truth and education. These are tough times plus we’re brainwashed, lazy and too afraid to call B.S. when the whole world can smell it. Now we aren’t talking about music anymore are we? consumers of fluoride, dreamers of fly rides, internet thugs, we killed love. We can’t see past skin color, flag color or rag color. Republican or democrat…you think they care about you? They only wish to control you. From the trap house to the white house politics and bloodshed go hand in hand. We want freedom not a handout so no I will not shake your hand! In God we trust? shut the hell up! God lost his son for us meaning the world not the U.S. sometimes i think Pangea ain’t a bad idea….Just waiting till God free us…

When I read that…. my heart stopped. I didn’t think that ANYONE could articulate that as well as he did. From then, much respect.

His voice, the subtle scruff of a 7:00am good morning. Scratchy bass that brings a welcoming peace along with an invasive punch of reality.

His lyrics: Edgar Allen Poe. Romanticism with dark truths of society and materialistic ways of the world. He brings the Rastafarian mindset of his childhood along with the cold, disconnected familiarity of American ‘dream’.

His message: If you’ve read the quote above, you’ll know that Sucoo has a message. He doesn’t rap about all the ‘bitches’ he has or how he’s ‘bawlllinnnn”. His messages leave you questioning your own dedication to the artists you currently follow. He’s consistent with a message of realness.

I recommend you hear for yourself. Download his recent album. Follow him. Don’t sleep on him… if you do… just know, he’s WIDE awake, writing – innovating the rap / hip-hop scene. Bringing back what was lost when the masses started downloading fruity loops and buying webcam microphones and posting videos on youtube (smh).

🙂 A true artist. Thank you, Sucoo.

Follow: @SuCooAMH  Download his album here: W.A.T.E.R.