This the music video for “Pretty Clouds” by SuCoo, from the W.A.T.E.R. album. The video was produced and edited by Hot 1 Productions.


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Lyrics: SuCoo – Pretty Clouds

Runaway and never look back
Runaway into the pretty clouds
U will never find me again

I….love… you….
But do u feel the way that I do
Do u feel like late nights ain’t the right time to be alone
Specially when u swear u hearing voices of a lower tone
Lower both in volume and height
And promising that they gon get u everything u like
Like write just above the scales
Pray ya last goodnight
Cuz Tomorrows gon be brighter than the usual
So take these ray bauns and darken up ya visual
Bright eyes
No matter how u try u can’t hide
But U Sure u can’t be touched with the oncoming tides
U see the water may reseed but then the tsunami shows up
Then u throw up both hands callin on that man
Then an operator picks up telling u that u changed plans
Damn There ain’t no hope for u
Better pray to God one of those wishes a stay afloat for u

If I change my name to jack move nimble and hide behind a nimbus
Then when the coast is clear I try to climb Olympus
Physically gifted moving with quickness
Reality checks deposit with interest
But still I find a way to pay no attention
Witness the difference
Seems wrong like some ripped true religions
But i can’t really tell thru my new designer visions
I’m right on living with the diamonds I been given
let the pants continue rippin
Then u can run runaway from ya problems
Them bigger issues pick another day to solve em
And if u die today they go away
But So do u but what u got to lose
Cuz when he after u dats what u gotta do
That or just…

I feel like dyin’ or even writin about dyin
sorta have an alliance with a small kitchen appliance
electrifying when i combine a few rhymes, mind, heart, and soul
a name set in stone, cold
shivers as i poison the liver may God deliver me
from myself cuz its hard tryna live with me
please forgive the silly smile on my face
put it in ya memories and hope ya mind draws a blank….
Escape from the madness
Surrounded by the badest cats around
Standing in a room full of mirrors
I gotta run away