Greetings, Earthlings. Welcome to, where we try to pick out the best of the best, and spread the word. Please remember that we receive a TON of e-mails so patience is key. Feel free to tweet us and let us know you sent a submission! This will help show us that you really are interested in being on our blog. Just use the link below.

To submit your music for review, please refer to the following guide:

1.) Email

2.) Use “CLP Nation Submission” in the subject to flag your material for priority

3.) Include High Definition Image (at least 700px; JPEG, PNG)

4.) Include streaming link; You may also use our drop box to send MP3’s along with your e-mail (below)

5.) Include brief song description and short artist bio

6.) Include your personal website, social media links (Facebook, Twitter, G+) and any retail links (Amazon, iTunes)

7.) Allow 7 – 10 business days for post, if accepted