Lately, it’s been a challenge to block out time to keep up with our submissions, but today since we’ve been cooking, we’re making time. Our first selection comes via our submissions box, where Chrisston is Never Satisfied. In all honesty, the record took a few listens to digest, but sonically I liked it from jumped. If I were to tell you the message of this record was for all up and coming artists to be and stay true to themselves, instead of trying to ride whatever hype wave was highest at the moment…that would be too simple. I’ll close with a snippet found in the info section of the YouTube video:

This video will deliver a message that will impact our generation greatly. The message will remind us to be ourselves instead of trying be someone else. We need to remember they’re only one of everyone which give you a chance to live one life. We should appreciate the one life we have and use the gift to explore greatness of what we are. So don’t worried too much about what people think as long believe in what good, you will “never satisfied” everyone. – Chrisston