Can you believe that despite Deep Under, produced by Prezident Jeff and DZY, premiered on the latest episode (EP 6, Season 3) of the hit series Power starring 50 Cent, didn’t make it onto Jayd’s latest EP- Invitation Only? That was a question…and a run on sentence.

Forget y’all!

Deep Under, by Jayd Ink, came through our submissions portal, so with the fancy name drops to open this post, we’re kind of humbled to be a go to for spreading the word when it comes to good music. Deep Under is a big record, that should only be played at extreme volumes! Whether she can sing or not isn’t a question with Jayd, as she showcases strong vocal command over a banging record. This one is mainstream ready, but solid, so we’ll never turn our backs on it. Share and enjoy!

Super wet.