Orlando is currently home to some of my favorite rhymers, can’t eeeen lie. When you take SuCoo‘s Jamaican heritage and guest emcee LB199X‘s D.C. roots, you get a concoction of sonic interactions that are progressive but critical, righteous but groovy. I’m kind of biased when any yardie touch the mic but the Sorry For The Noise penman is in my Top 5 still. Honestly these lot here are just the types of artists I vibe with most. Cats like SuCoo, LB, and even Marcellus Juvann keep me on my toes with the truths and abstractions they bring to the soundscape and the styles in which they bless us with those gems. This the kind of music that you get mad when you try to show your homies and they start talking through it; the kind of music that expresses ideas you often find yourself pondering. I hope the video for “Momma Said” drops soon. On that note, let’s get to the music. Thank your water and catch the vibe: