This was the first video that came across my desk this morning and it’s stuck with me all day. This is my first encounter with Stori, but apparently she can rap and sing which is always refreshing, especially when it’s done well. Stori laces this record with a super authentic old school hip hop vibe, and absolutely nails it.


I’m not particularly a fan of the old school era, because it just doesn’t usually do it for me sonically, but this Bloodclot 2.0 record had me scrunching my face up and feeling some type of way. We’ll keep checking for Stori in the near future, but she’s definitely got the thumbs up of approval. Her #BADASSDAME Mixtape dropped back in December and it’s available for a free stream or download below. Props on the visuals as well. Did I mention Stori is bad as hell? You probably realized that though. Triple kill!

FREE Stream and Download: Stori – #BADASSDAME (Mixtape)

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