Admittedly…I’m digging this records concept, way more than I enjoy the chorus. We’ve been known…for a while now, that Snow could more than hold her own as a legitimate emcee. They’re an endangered species these days. Something must be done. It’s dope when an artist is able to get enough success to go head to head with the machine and realizes it’s never all rainbows and unicorns. I always smile when I hear these tidbits weaved into superior lyricism. It serves as a firm reminder that we’re headed in the right direction. This record is a few days old now, but still worth the share and enjoy! Wet!

It was 2012, when The first debuted a Snow Tha  Product record and props are long overdue for the awesome career she’s crafted since then. Just for kicks, you can peep it here. Share and enjoy. Again!