st pete skyline ameen 06 stride

Ameen Spade continually, and without much effort, brings to the table a certain sense of originality in his approach to the microphone-wielding art form. In the way Kobe Bryant has crossover step patterns that you can study, such is the intriguing flow of the Young Local. His latest full-length installment ’06 Stride does well to impress with features from LOFT 2 penman Mari, cover art from the imaginative mind of Robert Gallardo, and production from Crown Marquiss’, DJ Complex, Fayd & more. The FTL-produced “Givin’ My All (Oh No)” is one of my favorite records on the project, maybe followed by “Ramblin'”. But “Playa Playa” is fonkin’ too… Anyways, when you get done sampling the new-new, make sure to check out Ameen’s previous efforts Talk Ready and Passion. Burn up and catch the vibe: