It’s confession time ladies and gentlemen. I’ve just about had it with the nonsense music you all keep getting hyped for. Between America’s newfound obsession of NWA (whom no one actually listened to when they were active) to a Travi$ Scott action figure that will probably get more hype and attention than his actual album (though I expect it to be a solid project), I’ve just frankly been burned out by these shenanigans.

I found some time to catch up on the blog tonight, and to my pleasant surprise, it appears all the musical victories from are being snatched up but the ever so hungry indie acts.

To be fair, I wanted to the tip the scales back in balance for the big boys, but after exhausting all my searches tonight, all I kept stumbling into was more: bands, wrist flicking, and moving bricks. Are we actually still selling dope? Like…it’s 2015…and everyone is still a drug overlord?…Still?

Then it happened. Like an omen from the heavens…Straight Gutta came to me, and it only took about 10 seconds to let this modern/classic Wu fusion record sooth my soul. The beat was instantly blessed with Meth’s smooth, but crisp flow and the rest was nothing short of authentic. Mind you this is all coming from someone who was never really a fan of 90’s hip hop. Ironically, the general vibe of this record was nothing short of street and aggressive, but it felt so much realer than the nonsense you all keep perpetuating. Stop it.

Check out this dope record, enjoy the visuals and share it because let’s be real, while he seems like a pretty humble dude, no one will be talking about Fetty Wap in 6 months. For the time being, I’m glad he’s gotten his piece of the piece, the rest of us indiegrounders are relentlessly still hunting for. Yes, I made that word up…indiegrounders: of or relating to musicians of extreme talent, still residing in the independent underground ranks of the “music business”.

Good day!

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