So, I’m at the office and I got a notification that Raury, an artist previously featured on, just uploaded some new tunes. We enjoyed our first encounter with the East Atlanta artist, who brings a refreshingly new sounds to the game. If you haven’t hear of him, think Pharrell meets Classic 80’s rock, minus the long hair.

Either Way, we’re presuming the name of this project is called Indigo Child. I’ve listened to it quite attentively and its quite nicely put together. The sounds are vibrant… and no particular record is cookie cutter as compared to what’s currently swirling around mainstream music. While I wish the production was more daring in some spots, I did like how the skits tied the project’s overall concept together nicely.

Raury, has been peaking the attention around the internet, even so much as to be flown out to meet Yeezus himself. We’ll keep an eye on this young thunder cat and see how long he can keep riding this wave.

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