Word of the night: Strong! Keeping up with the theme around these parts of town, we at CLPNation.com have once again reached into the depths of the internets to bring you another dope find. Sevdaliza, is another artist whom, I’d never heard of until tonight. It’s always an experiencing listening to a new artist for the first time, because ultimately, that’s their one shot to make an impression on you.


Thankfully, this Clear Air record, stood it’s ground, providing us with a unique sound, reminiscent of Jai Paul. The visuals are stunning and I’ll be sure to include the full credits below. Sevdaliza’s presence is strong in these visuals, making it hard to look away. It doesn’t hurt that she can actually sing as well. Overall, this is a solid new record worth the share and enjoy. Be sure to visit CLPNation.com daily as we curate the best creative works across the galaxy!


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Video Credits: 

Director: Gino Ragueb
Art Direction: Atlynn Vrolijk
DOP: Artyom Zakharenko
Edit: Lisette Donkersloot
Casting/Production: Sevdaliza
Grading: Atlynn Vrolijk
Styling: Afagh Morrowatian
Costume Design: Afagh Morrowatian / Roya Hesam
Grime: Atlynn Vrolijk
MUA: Ilja Susanne Guepin
Production assistent 1: Dylan Ray Fenix
Production assistent 2: Asal Soleimani
Production assistent 3: Soraya Souto
Jewelry: Sanaa Clothing
Catering: Manuela Goncalves Tavares
Behind the Scenes: Eder Banks

Leal, Romario, Lorenzo, Denis, Bjorn, Steven, Serghinio, Javier, Anuschka, Vincent, Ziarah, Esra, Naomi, Odair, Cheno, Valerie, Aukje, Jermaine, Joe.