50 Cent is not broke. Stop with all this foolery! I dare to say, 99.9% of you all will never have enough money come into your lives to even consider starting a business venture, watching it not perform as anticipated and then filing for bankruptcy in order to avoid even bigger legal fees. Filing for bankruptcy is a very common business practice and is regularly advised as a way to avoid paying business penalties.

Now that we’ve established that you all still take the media bait, hook line and sinker, we present 50’s Body Bags. It’s reminiscent of an early 50 cent, which is exciting by itself. I typically don’t love these slower tempo records, but this sample usage is too nice.

Let us know if this one is working for you all. If it is, be sure to share it, or leave your comments below. As always, thanks for visiting CLPNation.com daily. Our goal is always to weed through the bullshit, in order to bring you all nothing less but solid creative works. Bless!

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