Over a year after LOFT, South Side St. Pete Local Muzik emcee Mari So Dope re-invites us into his world with his latest album, 45th and Local. You’ll hear funky cuts produced by Smokey, Five Drexler, Wolf Paradise +, UltraBeatz and DJ Drip. The young’n always seems to deliver that new, unexpected flavor that you expect from him, if that makes sense. The only 3 feature slots were filled by fellow Local Muzik member Ameen Spade, Nulli Null & Kaysmoov. Make sure you check out the visuals for “Chillin’ Up” and “From The South,” some of my favorites on the project. Now, head on down to 45th and Local and catch the vibe:

Visuals: “Chillin’ Up”

Visuals: “From The South”