The Crack Epidemic of the 80’s and 90’s turned many of our loved ones into zombies, creating a generation of crack babies born in broken environments who would undoubtedly repeat the same self-destructive cycle as their predecessors. Smoke & Mirrors 2: The Crack Baby is Cambatta’s personal drug induced testimony. LSD, DMT, shrooms, and “copious amounts of medical grade cannabis” were explored in the making of this “rhyme-driven Soul quest.” Beginning with the dark, sin-ridden dialogue of an addict, Cam progresses to the awakened, enlightened expression of a Shaman. Don’t forget to peep the visuals for the Adot The God & Trappa-produced record “Trippin Balls” (Track 5) down bottom… and then check out the “Zeitgeist” Trilogy. You’re welcome. Catch the vibe:

Watch “Trippin Balls” Visuals