I’ll be quite honest with you all folks. No disrespect to Ricky Tef, but usually a record titled, Hittem Wit Dat Werk…would be an easily skippable in my submissions inbox. However, when creative genius/ best video director of all time, Ashley Smith sends me something, I’m definitely more apt to pay attention. Then magically, what started of as a skippable record, has a crap ton of added value when placed behind once again stellar visuals. I’m now getting around to sharing this record, as I’ve been busy on some other creative ventures, but I’m definitely glad I took some time to give this one a ride. Once again, Ash delivers amazing work, making me want to check out some more of Ricky Tef’s work, and thus the cycle is complete. Great visuals, lend themselves to peaked interest in said artist, giving said artist a greater chance of exposure. Well done, Rick Tef and Ash Innovator. Check out the video below. This one is hands down dope. Don’t sleep.

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