What an event! Dope or Die was a success even though Acoupstix took the win over the homie Dilligaf in the main event. The battle got heated quickly, with personal attacks taking precedent over the idea of scripted wordplay. Before the gentlemen even hit the stage, you could cut the tension with a knife! Not to mention the other entertainment the Dope or Die crew lined up for us, including some other hectic battles and artist performances. While we wait for the official battle footage, we’d like to spotlight another act who was invited to perform at the event: local magician Cory Van Valin.

cory van valin dope or die

This humble trickster was as charismatic as he was mysterious. I haven’t seen many magic acts in person, but it’s always exhilarating to see someone pull a fast one on us for our own entertainment. He waved us down outside of Ringside Café as he was about to wow another group of unsuspecting sleight-of-hand victims. It is good to know that there are still dedicated people out there keeping the culture alive.

This magician @CoryVanValin blew my mind! Check him out →

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