Sweet baby J. I’m literally torn to bring you all this record. Now before I go on a mini ass kicking spree, let’s address the only positive. This Mamacita record was the best record off Travi$ Scott’s recently released Days Before Rodeo.

Matter of factually, this record was probably the only good record on an otherwise lackluster offering from Scott, who after strong arming the creative direction for Yeezus. Day Before Rodeo was very much the Travi$ Scott sound we’ve come to appreciate, but beyond sound, much of the content is flat out hard to pick up on, and personally, Scott not cool enough for me to be interested in what he has to say. I know that may come across as harsh, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and just leave it as not my favorite.

Matter of factually, this record is pretty much pointless with the exception of the beat and the overall cadence of the chorus. After being slightly confused by Scott’s weird verse, you’re literally lubed up to take another of Young Thugs multi-directional verses that hits you with doubt from all angles. In the event that wasn’t enough, Rich Homie Quan, while we’re happy for his success has become much of a one trick pony when it comes to music.

So why post you may be wondering? Why not I say. Let’s face it people. With the amount of pure rubbish that is bombarded at us via the internet daily, this is actually a standout piece. Sigh. At least the video was cool….meaningless, but cool. Let us know what you think though. Are we talking out of our asses on this one? Visit CLPNation.com daily as we attempt to bring you the very best creative works from across the internet.

Stream Travi$ Scott’s Day’s Before Rodeo here.

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