It’s no secret that there’s a certain level of luxury expected with purchasing, owning and driving a Lexus. Most recently, the luxury division of Toyota, has tried to capture the spirited driver enthusiast in all of us with the RC models. While visually appealing, it seems as the hype behind the RC will be short lived as they’re gearing up to release this latest beast, the LC 500.

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At first glance, it’s easy to see the inspiration taken from the RC, though this has been refuted by Lexus, saying there was no relation to the RC, other than the two models sharing the same 5.0 liter, naturally aspirated V8. Sounds good on paper, but is it really worth it? Currently, claims state 467 horsepower @ a comfortable 7300 RPM. Throw in a new 10-speed automatic transmission, carbon fiber in the door structure and an optional carbon-fiber roof and you’ll be right at the $100,000.

Theoretically, this car should be blazing fast, when well equipped, but once again, it seems like the refined older brother to Toyota will continue to take a backseat to its current competitors in BMW, Audi and Infiniti. For about half the price you can grab an Infiniti that will get you a comfy horsepower in the mid 300’s, and for about 3/4’s of the price, your latest M5 can easily dog this out from a cold start.

All seems like it may be lost for Lexus’ latest creation until you take some time to look at it. From there it’s easy to remember why we even shop Lexus in the first place, or not at all if you’re like the majority of us without an extra 100 racks to throw down on a car.

Check out the full gallery below, and do yourself a favor and dump $10,000 into your street car to have it turn over 500 hp. Share and enjoy.

In a nutshell:

Love the interior, hate the grill….love the profile.

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