So part of being a curator of exquisite creative works is coming across things…and stuff…that the average person will never be able to afford or obtain. Hopefully that previous sentence alone motivates you to go out and get it, but in the even it doesn’t, peep the work Ferrari has been whipping. The Ferrari F80 is still in conceptual form, but with the recent emergence of the Italia, its plausible to see how this F80 could very well make it to the streets for all the rappers, ball players and oil sheiks to purchase.

That was shade just thrown, alluding to the fact that all rich people buy the same sh*t. Never mind. Peep these HD images below and let us know if you’d like to see this concept become reality, so that you may still not afford it. Remember, visit daily, because we only bring you the illest creative works from across the internet, hands down! Also, just in case you were wondering, we’re including the cars specs. The F80 could be the realest in the league.

Hybrid twin turbo V8 engine similar to that found in the new McLaren P1, 1

1200 horsepower. (900 through the engine and 300 through the KERS hybrid technology<—made by aliens)

Curb weight of under 2000 pounds,

0-60 miles per hour in just over 2 seconds

Top speed:  310 miles per hour!

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Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-Front Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-Rear Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-Rear-Close-Up Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-Rear-Down Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-Rear-Side Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-Rear-Up Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-Side-Profile Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-Side-Vents

Images Via: Adriano Raeli