As artists and musicians, we at CLP Nation stand behind the mantra “Connoisseurs of Excellence and Purveyors of Illness.” Take a look at the merchandise we currently have on sale, currently powered by Strongheld Commons Clothing. If you believe in the N!ation, then feel free to grab an article of clothing to support the movement. Always remember: Power is Knowledge. The world is ours and they will never take it from us.

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Men’s Procaine Tee – Black / White / Red – $19.90

men-s-procaine-tee-black-white-red-1850 men-s-procaine-tee-black-white-red_design

Men’s CLP N!ation – Black / Red / White – $21.40

men-s-clp-n-ation-black-red-white-1850 men-s-clp-n-ation-black-red-white_design

Men’s Lazy Genius – Black / Green / White – $19.90

men-s-lazy-genius-black-green-white-1850 men-s-lazy-genius-black-green-white_design

Men’s Books & Bricks Tee – Black/White – $15.50

men-s-books-bricks-tee-black-white-351 men-s-books-bricks-tee-black-white_design

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