Again, we’re a couple days late on this one, but we’re sure you’ve probably missed it as well. I won’t lay all my cards down on the table by saying that Missy is about to give music a much needed revival shock, but sweet baby J, thank goodness for this record.

Where They From literally embodies everything we as fans came to love and appreciate Missy Elliott for. Pharrell Williams blesses this record with an uptempo, but booming instrumental and a few bars of his own. The rest is on you all to decide.

We’re always hesitant about posting mainstream media because we know every other blog on the planet will be sharing the same content. Admittedly, we’ll regularly pass on these items in an attempt to not perpetuate the vicious cycle of making sub-par works getting undeserved notoriety.

Clearly, we’ve made an exception to our rule today. However, it does feel good to see this new Missy record so well received by the masses. There is a God! Share and enjoy!

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