Warning: I love this country. I am American. It’s about to get real. Tonight, President Barack Obama delivered his 2014 State of the Union Address. I watched it on Fox, which probably wasn’t the best idea, because immediately as the address concluded, Fox proceeded, in fine Republican fashion I might add, to dissect the entire address. Watching that post game interview was time I’ll never get back. I digress. Essentially, Obama had them (Republicans/Congress) shook. I was pumped! He touched on a plethora of  issues, from immigration reform to increasing the country’s minimum wage. Above all however, he vowed to make moves, with or without backing from Congress, especially when it came to the overall benefit of the American people. Cutting through the proverbial red tape. Wet!

On paper it sounded great. Watching one of this county’s most charismatic and eloquent president’s say it made it even better. The ultra conservative, gun owning, bible thumping middle Americans breathed a sign of release at the thought of a minimum wage increase. The illegal immigrant, mother of 3, working double shifts for an under the table check, shed a tear at the thought of immigration reform. The out of college, but still out of work college graduate, fist pumped at the thought that his student loan debt could actually get paid off.

Now what? I like Alec Burnright right have been on my spiritual tip. It’s an awesomely powerful double edged sword. On one half, you’re able to shed away the need for the bullshit that we’ve been force fed to accept as life. On the other hand….you’re much more privy to the all the bullshit…and frankly…it still tastes like shit. Was this State of the Union Address some of that bullshit? The new me, would love to take you on a spiritual mind awakening journey that ultimately results in a simple answer. Yes. But for arguments sake, let leave my personal revelations an opinions out of the picture. And again, I ask…now what?

That now what…is for everyone. Regardless of whether you believe Obama is Un- American for his Health Care Reform Act…not American because his middle name is Hussein…or part of the Illuminati and just a puppet for the masses, we’re all left asking ourselves now what. Was this State of the Union Address a real attempt from an honest man to bring this country out of the rut that it’s been in for the last decade or so? What happens when he does decide to hold up his end of the bargain…and make moves with or without Congress’ approval. Do we face another “Government Shut Down”? Are we even going to notice or feel the effects of any of these so called proposed changes?

In a perfect world…I’d like to think that tomorrow, Obama could put pen to paper, increase the middle and lower classes’ average wages…and then by Friday…my boss could pull me into her office and be like…here’s the money we owed you, Obama said it was ok. Don’t worry. I’m definitely not holding my breath on that one. Not to beat a dead horse…but…what now? In the event you missed it, or care to watch it again, check out President Barack Obama’s full 2014 State Of The Union Address below. Then, let us know what you thought. There is no right or wrong in this one. There is no Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. There’s only you and me…and everyone else…and our respective abilities to think for ourselves…formulate our own opinions and ideas…and ultimately make the decision on whether we’re going to lead the life of a sheep…or wolf.


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