Baaaaa! That was a sheep. I digress. I here ye degree today and every subsequent Wednesday going forward as  Sheep or Wolf Wednesdays! #SOW Wednesdays are going to take you on a weekly exercise on trusting your gut. Today’s case…Google X.

We’ve all become slaves to the giant that is Google is some shape or fashion. Hell…if I’m not mistake…Google…is now actually a real word. Whether we use Google as a platform that drives our cell phones and personal computing, or simply as a tool to get the most relevant information on pretty much anything, one must admit that Google is certainly winning.

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Over the past few years, Google has been pushing the tech envelope in hopes of creating the next big…whatever. Most recently, quite a stir was raised about the privacy implications of the famed Google Glass. They even went as far as to begin development on a Google Glass app specifically for recording sexual interactions with your significant other and then temporarily storing the information for you to play back and enjoy. The Google Sex App, if you will. The video is then deleted…forever…claims Google. Seriously? Sounds like that bull to me, but in case you don’t believe me, here you go:


Thankfully, Google Glass was pretty much a flop and I don’t see their sex app being too much of a success either. I want to say that the $1500+ price tag on Google Glass was the main deterrent, but there’s a piece of me that still has hope for humanity, and believes that enough of you…passed on Google Glass because…frankly…it sounded like that bull.

Well, through a secret off campus division of Google, located under the Iron Man’s Arc Reactor…Google X toils around the clock to figure out ways to invade your privacy, collect personal data and metrics about the very fabric of your being, and cover it up as a great technological advancement. It’s latest offering…Google contact lenses:

google x 3

Cot damn…ALIENS! The lenses are said to be able to extract vital health information from liquid secretions in the eye of the wearer, and provide them with real time updates of their key vitals, such as blood sugar levels. This idea was originally put forth by Microsoft back in 2011 and obviously for those suffering with diabetes, I can definitely see the advantages of being able to quickly monitor the state of your diabetes. Or you can just eat right and rid yourself of diabetes…the need to constantly check your vitals and probably a slew of other health related issues as well. Sounds like that bull.


 Google is of course excited about this technology and is currently in development mode to further enhance the contact lenses to act as personal displays for everyone without diabetes. Of course…as always…I’m almost certain all the information that registers through items as smart contact lenses, is stored by Google and readily available to Big Brother. Sweet Baby J, this sounds like that bull or if you’re familiar with The Book of Revelations in The Bible…the Mark of the Beast. I digress.

Ultimately, while I cannot argue the impressive nature of the technology in things like Google’s smart contacts…I choose to remain a bit skeptic as to what happens when the lights go out…so to speak. I can go on and on about this…but we want to hear from you. Are you a sheep or a wolf? Are you sold on the potential benefits of these Google contacts…or is this another form of relinquished freedoms and privacy coming down the pipeline? Let us know by commenting below…or sharing this video with your fellow man.

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