myze pink dolphin

Myze is a 21 year old artist/producer/engineer who has gotten nods from Sonny Digital, Tm88, 808 Mafia, and Sledgren – just this year alone. He even co-hosted a recent Young Thug concert in Washington, D.C. His latest two-part release is of significant value to the Chattanooga, TN emcee. The opening record “One Look” correlates to his name – which is a play on “My” and “Eyes” – as many people are drawn to his hazel eyes. It’s a gripping record that hones in on his confidence in his love life, blaring patented powerful vocals over his own beastly self-produced instrumental. On the tail end, “Poison” slows it up a notch and finds the artist bearing his true self, warning his love interest of the dire consequences of romantically dealing with him. This has been yet another tasteful addition to his newly established #MyzeMondays series. Burn up and catch the vibe: