Holland-born, Kansas City-raised, Burlington V.T.-dwelling producer Es-K (Essential Knowledge) presents the smooth-as-silk title track from his debut solo album Serenity, featuring General Steele & A.G.. The album also features MC Dialect, C-Rayz Walz, Charmingly Ghetto, DJ Grazzhoppa, Central Parks, Chel Strong, K. Sparks, Fish Grease, M-Dot, S.Dub, Chromadadata, and Mike Gerbino. Es-K is the man behind the “Spontaneous Grooves” download series, where Es-K creates instrumentals from scratch in one sitting. Serenity is set to be the next release from Cold Busted, the eclectic label headed by Derrick Daisey. We have had the pleasure of knowing Es-K for some years. He has even donated some of his time to collaborating with us on Lab Rats vol. 1, among other projects. Much respect.

Es-K describes his new album as:

“a project about love, loss and life; dedicated to my best friend who passed away in 2010. The title track features two of my favorite artists who have both had a significant influence on my music. Their contribution sets the tone for this album as every feature to follow, though diverse, only strengthens its universal message.”

Serenity drops June 17.