So everyone should know by now, how much dismay, Jordan Brand’s dismally recycled releases cause me. Though, I’ve been extremely critical of them in the past, I can always put my reservations on hold, to appreciate a good design. The Black/Reflect Silver 4LAB1’s are just that. The reflective silver and almost seamless design really accentuate the profile of the show.

The overall colorway is well thought up as well, keep the soles simple with white and clear layers. Take a look at some close up shots provided by the good folks over at SoleCollector. These bad boys are available for purchase at on December 19th. At $185, they’re actually reasonably priced, I mean, if you ignore the fact that it probably cost about $2.50 to manufacture. I’m just doing my job, bringing you all that real. Share and enjoy, or leave your feedback below regarding the design.

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