round 1 victory clp nation

Courtesy of Dalton Brown of Cloud9 Motion Picture Co., check out footage from the 4B Burg to the Bay Beat Battle that took place at The Local 662 in downtown St. Petersburg. We survived the first round (that’s us up top) only to meet a timely demise in Round 2 to Manbeast. There were a lot of talented producers and performances in the house on this evening. Shouts to Lord Khep for taking the W against Mad Smooth. Make sure you check out Fallout Shelter/Team Starz’ Dope or Die event on September 27th, where Dilligaf aims for his third consecutive rap battle victory.

The beats we used!

We didn’t make the highlight real, but the DJ did include some of our production in the mix throughout the evening. Check out our entries below:

Round 1 – Beat 1

Round 1 – Beat 2

Round 2 – Beat 1

Round 2 – Beat 2