We were lucky enough to have a chance to partner with ReverbNation to bring you this 9-track, multi-genre compilation of music mind-crafted by dedicated artists from all over the world. We scoured almost 2000 submissions to find five RN artists to include on We Are The Nation 4, with four of our own editor-selected choices to round out the soundscape. As music lovers and self-proclaimed Connoisseurs of Excellence & Purveyors of Illness, we always strive to curate eclectic collections of music that can be enjoyed and appreciated by wider and wider audiences. WRTN4 is a culmination of these efforts. Down bottom you’ll find the full compilation and below that there is a breakdown of each of the *five artists we chose from the Reverb dashboard. The full roster includes *Paul Edward Wiersgalla, *Jackie Venson, *M. Maggie, Yung Zeus, Dukus, OSIYM, Little Strike, *Juggernaught & *G.W. Souther. We have included SoundCloud and Spotify playlists for your listening pleasure. Burn up and catch the vibe:

WRTN4 – SoundCloud

WRTN4 – Spotify

The ReverbNation Artists

Paul Edward Wiersgalla – Man, Are You Free? (Folk / Country / Finger Picking)
Eau Claire, WI

Jackie Venson – Always Free (Indie / Blues / R&B)
Austin, TX

M. Maggie – View (Pop / Soul / RnB / Hiphop)
New York, New York

Juggernaught – Waiting (Rock / Funk Metal / Hard Rock)
Pretoria, GP, ZA

G.W. Souther – Freedom On The Line (R&B/Soul / Rock / Reggae)
Orlando, FL