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So I was at The Bends the other night watching Dope Collection and several other dope collectives blow shit up as usual when I ran into this cat Guillermo Novoa. I didn’t recognize him or even notice his camera bag, but I felt like I should shake his hand; it was the vibe, I guess. Anyway, in the days following the event, the homie threw up some photos from the event and introduced me to his brand, Purple Wing.

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Speaking of Dope Collection, the Three Kings made another noteworthy appearance at The Bends a few weeks back. Can you spot the PW gear in the footage? Aside from Crown Marquiss’, some of the other artists you may have seen featured on CLPNation.com like Gatsby and Famous Kid Brick have also been blessed to work with Guillermo and his Purple Wing imprint.


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Purple Wing is a street wear brand that was created to elevate and highlight the culture of “The Gunshine State” through apparel inspired by both the sweet and savory aspects of Florida living. PW is reflective of the lifestyle accompanied with this vacation spot that Floridians never want to leave and snowbirds can’t wait to come back to. Inspired by the streets, the Purple Wing brand is about everything around us, from projects to private beaches. There are currently have five tees and a hat available for sale on the PW website. I definitely need to cop a couple of these joints.

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