Got damn! I’m pretty sure this record just left a stain in my breifs. I’m also pretty sure aliens made this beat. Actually, I’m sure of it! Pusha T just deaded the trap game. This one is an early contender for record of the year. Doubt me? You’ll see…or hear rather. I had never heard of YOGI before tonight, but what a record the feature Pusha T on. A few years ago, one couldn’t have imagined Pusha T on a record like this, but thankfully King Push hasn’t let his foot off the gas since breaking into mainstream. This one deserves a video for sure.

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The instrumental is expertly composed, and mastered so props to YOGI on that end. I’m digging the changes within the beat, as much of today’s Trap music is overwhelmed with heavy hitting beat loops making this record is especially refreshing. Based on the spins…I don’t think this record has reached it’s full potential yet, but regardless, this one is a game changer. Burial!

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