Ha! This is probably the most unlikely but most wickedest feature I’ve heard this year. My first encounter with Until The Ribbon Breaks was one of their records from a sampler cd that I got a couple years back at a local Record Store Day. I’ve been a Killer Mike fan for an eon, so naturally, Run The Jewels was a nice addition to my taste catalog. But the two of these groups together?

The end result is great. Sonically, Until The Ribbon kills it with a perfect alley oop pass for Run The Jewels. Of course both El-P and Killer Mike had dope verses. The entire composition of the record is pretty standard, but was done perfectly. I’m enjoying this one. You should too. Let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below. If you’re so inclined, be sure to share this with all your friends and mention that CLP taught you. Tell ’em CLP taught you.

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