Alright, let’s just put this to bed once and for all. Drake and Meek Mill are not the same. Forget L’s, forget rap beef. Drake as talented as he is and as much of a global icon he’s become, is a product of the entertainment system. Meek is a prototypical street rapper who has made it to the big stage. This whole thing has been like watching people argue about contemporary ballet versus break dancing and why one is better than the other. It really doesn’t matter if you favor one over the other or neither because both art forms are respected in their respective circles. Now that I’ve gotten being politically correct out of the way, holy…f*cking sh*t! Meek motherfu*cking Mill for the win on an intro track, AGAIN!

On The Regular is a few days old, with Dream Chasers 4  dropping a few days ago. For rap fans, this record is #therealmvp. I always start writing a post thinking I’ll really pull out the big words this time…and paint a vivid picture of the emotions invoked when I first hear an awesome record.

Lately I’ve been finding quiet solitude in the YouTube comments of my favorite records. YouTube comments never lie. They are a life link to the world’s users of The Internets, that immediately confirm your suspicions when you hear a wicked ass record and start to scrunch your face to it. Tonight, I will leave you with a few of my favorite. One The Regular and Dream Chasers 4 are linked below for free streaming. Share and enjoy!




Cover Image courtesy of GQ.