A long time ago, in a far away galaxy, every street rapper to emerge claimed to be flipping chickens on a yellow bitch. Unfortunately, that long time ago is actually now, and it’s literally infected the rap music industry. Thankfully however, there are artists who actually walk the walk, so when references are made, there’s no doubt it’s authentic. Jeezy made earthquakes in the rap world ever since he burst onto the scene. He’s had a successful career, and now even has a corner office at Atlantic Records as their Senior VP. Now…this record right here, is only supposed to be played and max volume. It is to be enjoyed by all, and studied by current and aspiring street aritsts….more particularly the wack ones that most likely lie about their credibility. Share and enjoy! Visit CLPNation.com daily for our take on the best creative works in music, art, fashion and life!

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