Welcome to 2017 at The CLPNation.com. 2016 was too trill!

Fittingly, Prblms by 6lack is an awesome record to kick off the new year with. There’s an awesome feeling when a record can hit you in a spot that reassures you that you’re never the only one going through whatever it is you’re going through. This record has done this for me for the last 4 days or so. Not to mention its absolutely fire as well.

I love uptempo face scrunching music any day of the week, but it takes a special record to slow you down every now and again. As well as being a first-time encounter for us here at the Nation, 6lack’s Prblms came via our submissions portal, so to kick off the new year batting a thousand is a sign of more dopeness to come.

Through all the good, bad and ugly of our day to days, music for so many of us is a both a beautiful escape and our gold plated armour for life. This year more than ever, we’re committed to filtering out as much of the rubbish that passes for music these days. The Nation has always been about finding and recognizing these gems and we’re on a mission to trim the fat that has become the music industry.

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