I know it’s only 3 in the post…that’s 3pm…3 post meridian…forget it, but this is by far the record of the day. If i were driving a big body Benz, and this record came on, I could have driven off a bridge and not cared because of how ill this record is. This record completely embodies the feeling you’re supposed to get from a real hip hop record.

I realize a ton of you have been riding Kidd Kidd, being the newest member of the Unit, but he set this record off perfectly with his verse. 50 follows with such an aggressive flow, that you almost forgot that he used to come that hard on record. Of course, closing out the record, Lloyd Banks delivers nothing short of a nail in the coffin to this beat. The hook will not keep your head still. We guarantee it!

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Preview: G-Unit’s The Beauty of Independence, here.

The extended version of The Beauty of Independence drops 11/10/14m, but can be pre-ordered here

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