“Now what if I said the music you fed is part of a plan…”

Alert! Alert! Alert! Real Rap Music ahead. Forgive us but we’re only familiar with one of the three emcees featured in this Mission Underground showcase. A-1 out of San Francisco has been a regular sighting on CLPNation.com and really sets this session ablaze…but it’s the last MC, Locksmith who really through the hammer down. This is lyricism at it’s finest, which as Locksmith’s bars elude to, many of you are well asleep on. This video definitely put a smile on my face, and I’m hoping it does the same for you all. Props to Anilyst as well. All three dudes bodied this beat. Share and enjoy.

“But it’s sort of like Rihanna’s titties, we seem em’…there’s no more excitement…”


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