Humble St. Pete emcee, husband and father Kyng Gran just dropped the Akranym EP on that ass. The project is littered with gems and messages, without the bore. You know how everyone wants to be woke and speak that knowledge but somehow they just put you to sleep when they try? Right, Gran is the opposite of that. The beat selections, cadence and vocal tones he uses facilitate an easy listening experience; I would dare call it grown man music… rap & blues… etc… I digress. I found myself not skipping anything on Akranym, partly because the vibe was right, partly because it was fun to try and guess what the song titles were (you’ll see). I’m not sure what else to say except that this will for sure make a great addition to your daily shuffle playlist, so burn up and catch the wave:

  • Kyng Gran

    Much much appreciated fellas! Thank you again!