rappers and cereal t shirts

Tampa, FL freelance designer Brittany Meronek has a knack for combining her favorite rappers with her favorite sugary wake up snacks. Meronek took over the blog from a friend who came up with the premise, but now, she and her husband mastermind the rapper-cereal Photoshop combinations. Aside from Snoop Lion (Snoop Loops) and Ludacris (Luda Crisps) finding and sharing their respective images, sites like Mashable and Complex even picked up on the trend, featuring them on their websites. Rappers and Cereal was even a topic on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, strangely enough. This oddly fascinating hobby has even turned into a t-shirt business, might we add. Though Gucci Grahams are Meronek’s favorite, I have to go with Cinnamon Ghost Crunch for the win. Check out our favorite Rapper/Cereal combinations below:

via RappersAndCereal