Sweet baby Jesus. Who made this beat? Initial reactions that commit a record to at least one rewind, just by how the instrumentation makes you screw up your face. Shouts to producer J. Mixx; music should hit you this way. Navvi recognizes the magick in the production and comes correct on the underwater canvas, with a blend of hubris, humility and comforting honesty. I think he would call it Emo Trap. I usually give an album three tracks; 1, 2, 3 and if I’m not jammin by then you lost me. Well it only took the intro on Navvi’s Quicksand LP to reel me in to check out more vibes, so I kept it spinning. After my first play through, I thought “Porsche” finished strong but the Sonic Drugs-produced “Involved” was the next to really catch my groove. Check out these two suggested records and then give the album a try to see if you find yourself a new record you can bump while you drive down the road. Get on the boat and thank your water: