I won’t  bore you all with the minute details of who Ängie is because I don’t feel like internet stalking her to find out what city she reps. Here’s what I do know:

The color in this video is fu*king spot the fu*k one! Holy sh*t. The visuals are perfectly calculated to accentuate all of the visual appeal  Ängie is. The instrumental mixed with her voice are damn near perfect. And while this is the first time I’ve ever heard of an occupation like housewife spliffin’…it sounds like a pretty swell life for just about anyone.

This record and video are really calculated, but the execution is so awesome, I can’t even help but fall in love with this record. It’s not doing any wrong this evening.  Ängie’s voice is something I’ll keep an ear out for more, and with only about 32K views on the YouTube (still impressive) it feels good to be early to the party on this one. I’m putting my money on her. The machine awaits you. Respect! The rest of you all, share and enjoy

Purchase on iTunes: Housewife Spliffin’ – Angie