If you scared, then maybe you should visit the church of Dynamic Equilibrium and absolve yourself of whatever fuckry it is you have managed to get yourself into. The duo, hailling from Queens and Brooklyn, is made up of rapper Alpha Memphis and producer/emcee MACHIA, respectfully. The latest visual transformation from Dynamic Equilibrium is for their single, “Dear Father,” which sheds light on issues of current cultural significance while questioning God’s motives in the grand scheme. Taken from their recent album, Post Crack Era, this piece also serves as a tribute to all those who have fallen victim to police brutality; and those who are currently experiencing the turmoil in Ferguson, MO.” When you’re all wrapped up with “Dear Father,” we’ve got another Dynamic Equilibrium video from Post Crack Era you should check if you want to hear more amazing music about the bullshit we are force-fed on the daily.

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via OK-Tho