patman boarding pass

Check out the visuals PATMAN recently dropped off for “Turn Up For That” directed by D Gainz. The record is from the latest EP from the Son of Chicago, Boarding Pass. Catch the vibe:

  • Aleisha

    I like the album cover. The boarding pass being folded into a paper airplane. Then I thought it was pretty interesting how the artist put himself in a strait jacket to demonstrate that he goes crazy when it comes to his family and money. I think the song may be radio ready.

  • Bobby

    I think the setting of the video fit well with the song. I think the meaning of the song is that he will do anything defend his family and his money. He will go as far as it takes and he won’t back down. One scene in the video that stuck out to me was in he was in a straightjacket. I think it gives the viewer a great visual of how far the artist is willing to go for his money and family. Another part of the video that I enjoyed was every time there was a snare roll, the video cut back and forth between two different scenes. I found this to be really cool and entertaining. Great work on the song and video! Keep it up!

  • yes! definitely a dope piece of work.

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