Born and raised St. Petersburg, FL emcee Jack Fletcher is back on the scene, representing for his city as usual. I saw this Bobby Bronz-produced joint “Blow” floating around for a bit, but haven’t gotten a chance to vibe out. However, I always know there will be some serious funkage going down when I throw on a JF record, and this is no different. Bringing so much soul to an already soulful production, Fletcher keeps his existing fans on the edge of their seats… and keeps onlookers onlooking. If you dig the new stuff, perhaps you’ll enjoy his previously released project, The Seminar. Make sure to get some insight on the workings of Jack Fletcher’s creative mind and upcoming Paper or Casket project in the Rap Skool interview above, which came as a side effect of ripping the First Class 2016 Cypher. Some of the Fellow St Petersburg emcees mentioned include Charli Funk, Alec Burnright, Hagan Lee, Skroodle, Mighty Jai and Crown Marquiss’ – all with notable but varying styles that influence the Tampa Bay scene in different ways. Hope you can make it down to St. Pete for a show one of these days. Burn up and catch the vibe:

via mieuxmagazine