That moment when you press play, and your head starts bobbing uncontrollably. I call a jam like that a bobber. It just so happens that this jam fits the description of a jam like that. Check out this bass heavy-bobber from the dynamic duo Latrell James and Real P, “5 And A Half.” In a world of sex and advertisement, the two lyrically talented Bostonians tell a riveting tale about accepting women for who they are, finding the true beauty in the simple things that make a women attractive. The Marco Marcel-produced single is Real P’s latest release, promoting his highly anticipated project Same Ole’ Jazz, which is slated to drop 9.19.14. Latrell James also has a new project, Twelve, coming out this Fall!


  • Janelle

    This song is so dope! Love the word play from both Latrell James & Real P. Look forward too both of their projects.