Brooklyn-based visual art movement The Ren Revolution just dropped off the trailer for their upcoming film titlted “The Emcee Memoirs: A Cinematic LP.” Keeping it fresh, the flick is told in the form of an album, starring several emcees from NYC including Asha Hadiyah, Joesph” Manifesto” Golden, Josiah “The Gift” Nimely, Brandon “Dot” Dottin and Lafayette Stokely; with a score by Segnon. Here’s the synopsis:

In the city of “Nuu Yawk” Hip Hop is life, and the Annual Emcee Competition is an event that crowns the champion of each Boro in the city. Once victorious, the champion and his or her crew has musical influence in the Boros, and then will battle on to become champion of the entire city. Our tale follows a young woman named Moro, a gifted Emcee who has lost the confidence to rap due to the death of her older brother Stoke, the former champion of “Bruklenn”. Moro’s quest to find herself through the art of Hip Hop will lead her to confront her dark past and inspire a city through the power of her voice.

Exclusives from the film

the emcee memoirs a cinematic lp

“EMCLP” is due for a March 2015 release, and the collective is currently running #EmceeSeason, releasing exclusive music relative to the film. The first release is “Only Thing Above It” which features all the artists in the film. Catch the vibe: