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Before Atlanta’s OG Maco and Key! decided to Give Em Hell and before Maco’s viral single “U Guessed It” broke the internet, the OGG representer had several records laying in wait. Appropriately titled I Made This Shit Before “U Guessed It”, the project highlights Maco’s rhymesaying, over the hype he is now known for bringing to tracks. You’ll find features from Holis Mason, J.I.D., Theo Ferragamo, Brylan Kerr, Zeus Trappin, and Brandon Thomas. If you haven’t heard Maco’s thoughts on the success of “U Guessed It,” then you can check it out down bottom. Personally… “12 Bricks” was the first record I heard; I knew dude was genius since it was hype as hell and also because FKi threw him the beat. Anyways, roll one up and catch the vibe:

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