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White’s can help us but they can’t join us. There can be no black/white unity, until there is first some black unity.

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hundreds_albumMore than 400 years of oppression, more than 400 years of being told you can’t amount to anything by society, by previous generations, being told
You have no freedom.
Inheriting the
mindset that they were the lowest of human beings who could never better themselves.
They were taught that as children.
You think that can just be forgotten in 50 years?

No – Twenty-five percent (what?)
– Twenty-five percent (what?)
$20K or less
Income for the rest
For the rest it’s less
but why is this?
(Tell me why)

“We’re all free
No bigotry, inequality.”
So the bigots speak
“They’re lazy. Our president. Economically-”

(NO!) Black man and a white apply for a job
With the same skills, and same school of thought
30% more calls go to Bob
and less respond to the one named Jamal.

– So why is that?
Is it prejudice?
A civil liberty for businesses?

eighteen percent
eighteen percent
A college education
African Americans
What does it mean
when you know where you go
for the dough is skin deep?

– let me break it down
No school, no job,
No money, bad food to cook
No health
How we gonna pay now
If the system and the victims
Don’t want to change around?

– this ain’t about a vindication
I’m just sayin
How the fuck you gonna throw – all this
money in their faces?
(in your face!)

-You want to help yourself
Individualists, put your wasted money where your mouth is,
And do something with it!

No healthcare, no welfare
Yeah we say a prayer
no help there
it’s a nightmare
no change here
do the math it’ll take a couple hundred years

Niggas act like world changed ever since Obama got elected,
But I argue we’re in more chains we ignore it from our perspective,
The hood still disenfranchized cops treat us like bad guys,
Unemployment office got mad lines and it’s full of black kind,
When I’m back in my hometown I touchdown in the projects,
We smoke one and joke around and talk life in the process,
We all agree racism real that ain’t just somethin’ that we feel,
To us that shit super real ’cause everyday with it we deal,
Imagine if your employer talked to you like you’re an animal,
Imagine takin’ it on the chin ’cause you’re employment is so cancelable,
Imagine livin’ in the slums imagine eatin’ off crumbs,
Imagine losin’ your moms to cancer ’cause ya’ll couldn’t pay the funds,
This ghetto shit no fun I bet the white boys think it is though,
They turn on these rap videos and all they see is these silly hoes,
American culture ass backwards we celebrate these wack rappers,
Ball players and black actors and put the other niggas in shackles


Gonna take a couple hundred years
take a couple hundred thousand tears
Taken from our land and brought to the pier
Listen up people there’s nothing to fear
We’ve been put to the rear
but let’s continue to steer

Emotions will rise, we’ve been oppressed
but still we shoot to the sky
it seems like everywhere we’ve turned
Access denied
get off of yo seat, get up on yo feet
you just got to apply
you will realize

look between the lines
read in the white lies
in between the white lines

I been called everything in the book
stood my ground and i never got shook
on my grind and I did what it took
stop being lazy just open a book

you can beat the system
locked in your own mind’s prison
you have to break the prism
just pray and keep on livin

we are all immigrants
this land belongs to the natives
it’s sorry that the white man said it’s his and he claimed it
so stop hatin each other and discriminatin
man vs. man it’s gonna be this world’s elimination