Apologies to Obie Trice. This video should have gone up eons ago! Dam this record is tough, B. Nyce and I have been bumpin the shit out of this for years. Can’t wait for Bottoms Up. I’ve also included the cover art, track list after the video for your viewing and listening pleasure! Share, enjoy and support dope music!

Obie Trice x Cry Now x Official Video


Obie Trice x Bottoms Up x Cover Art + Track List

1. Bottoms Up (Intro)
2. Going No Where
3. Dear Lord
4. I Pretend
5. Richard (Feat. Eminem)
6. BME Up
7. Battle Cry (Feat. Adrian Reeza)
8. Secrets
9. Spill My Drink
10. Spend The Day (Feat. Dre Skidne)
11. Petty
12. My Time
13. Ups And Downs
14. Hell Yeah
15. Crazy (Feat. MC Breed)
16. LeBron On (Bonus Track)

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