I think we’ve all heard the folk tales about the glorious perks that come with Google employment. It even shows in this, the latest application for The Five, a one-year paid program with Google Creative Lab. The first part of the application greets you with simple shapes, a search bar, and a blank page. Your task is to create a nifty visual with the few tools you are provided. The opportunity seems most fitting for designers, developers, writers, filmmakers and animators, but don’t limit play yourself if you don’t fit the so called mold.

The interactive application was made by current Fivers: Andrew HerzogPedro SanchesSimone NoronhaEnli Li, and two non-Fivers (Carly Ayres and code from Nicky Tesla).

The offices you can choose from are located in NYC, London or Sydney. Apply here and see some example submissions down bottom.

Want to work for @Google? Apply to be a part of #CreativeLab5 in NYC, London or Sydney →

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